Makeup brushes that should be a part of your vanity!

Every talented makeup artist (MUA, for those who don’t know) has a carefully curated array of makeup brushes on hand. They’re a lot more important to a beautiful look than you might think — any MUA will tell you that a good kit is essential for smooth, even product application.

If you’re just getting started in the world of makeup or want to brush up on your skills, you’ll need some makeup brushes on hand. Don’t go in blind — it’s crucial to educate yourself on what will work, why you’ll need them (or won’t), and how to use them.

From some of our top professional brands, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most essential makeup brushes every novice should have in their arsenal. Continue reading to learn more about these must-have additions to your collection.

There’s a brush for every phase of the application process in their broad line, but we’re particularly fond of their Expert Concealer Brush. This brush is small and has a thick, rounded tip that fits comfortably into the inner corner of the eye, allowing you to apply and blend concealer effortlessly.

Brush your brows

With brows becoming the ever-increasing phenomenon that they are, every makeup fanatic should own a nice brow brush. You’ll want something dual-ended, with a spoolie on one side to comb through your brows and a small, stiff angled brush on the other. Begin by combing your brows upward for that fluffy look your favourite Instagram model is most likely sporting. Then, using your favourite product, start at the tail end of the brow and work your way up, creating short strokes that resemble hairs. As you get closer to the front of the forehead, lighten up your application.

Eyeshadow Brush with Multiple Functions

When it comes to the eyes, there’s a lot to cover, which might be intimidating for novices.

This brush has a small, tapered shader on one end and a wider, fluffier eye brush on the other, making it a terrific multitasker. Apply your eyeshadow with these babies, heaping on the colour before blending with your blending brush.

Brush for Blending

The renowned blending brush, of course. A good blender is a must-have in your beauty brush collection, as it will ensure that your eyeshadow appears seamless and free of harsh or glaring lines.

We hope it helps!

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